Re: [EDEQUITY] Funding needs/priorities (Past Dialogue on Funding

Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 13:00:24 EST

I want to respond to the mixing of concerns about scholarships for women
athletics participation. This is truly mixing "apples and oranges." The
athletics participation is a legal issue clearly and appropriately covered
Title IX despite the continual largely unsubstantiated complaints about a
whole range of effects on male athletic programs.

The scholarships being offered for women only are not being offered by
institutions covered by Title IX...that would be a clear violation if there

were not an equal number of scholarships available for men. They are
by organizations committed to increasing the educational opportunities for
women. As far as scholarships available for men, that option is obviously
available to private sector organizations who recognize the need to
the OPPORTUNITIES for young men. This is clearly not a legal issue. My
"guess" is that upon close examination there are far more scholarships not
promoted as "male only" that have and continue to be awarded to men. To
extent that phenomena reflects the "invisible" advantages enjoyed by


Craig P. Flood, Ed.D.

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