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2001 Scholar
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AAUW Educational Foundation
Invites Applications for 2001 Foundation Scholar-in-Residence

Women scholars are invited to submit proposals for Washington, D.C.-based
American Association of University Women (AAUW) Educational Foundation
Scholar-in-Residence awards. Eligible research projects must focus on one
the following broad topics:

* Women and economic security, including workplace and work-life

* Gender, technology, and the computer culture

We especially welcome proposals that focus on differences among girls and
women by race/ethnicity, class, and region, and that will help identify
positive institutional changes to educational and economic prospects for
both women and men.

Organizational Research Goals

Scholars-in-Residence will enhance the AAUW Educational Foundation's
research as well as help define its future agenda. Over the past decade,
the AAUW Educational Foundation has produced groundbreaking research on
girls, gender, and education, with an emphasis on the K-12 context.
Currently, the Foundation is maintaining its focus on K-12 education and
education reform, but is broadening its research agenda to include issues
related to postsecondary and lifelong learning; economic equity for women
with an emphasis on the "learning and earning" link; and women's status in
the new economy, particularly as it is shaped by their educational
opportunities and experiences.

Awards Specifications

The award requires performance of the work primarily, but not exclusively,
in Washington, D.C. Scholars will interact informally, as possible, with
Foundation community. Depending on professional and academic
accomplishments, the scholar could be considered for a research appointment
at American University's School of Education.

In the course of the award year, scholars will write a report on an aspect
of their research, to be published and broadly disseminated by the AAUW
Educational Foundation. They also may work on other projects during the
fellowship year, as feasible.

Selection Criteria

 Scholar should demonstrate:

* A doctorate plus at least five years of related research experience

* A record of scholarly research and publishing is strongly preferred

* Evidence of previous work in educational equity for women and girls

 Proposal should demonstrate:

* Relevance to the goals and purposes of the Foundation

* A clear writing style that is free of jargon, understandable to the
general public

* Research experience and skills

* Feasibility of project and report completion within the proposed
time schedule


Up to $45,000 for 12 months, as determined by the nature and duration of
research project proposed. Some additional benefits-including light
administrative support, limited research help, and office space--are

Proposal Format

Submit a five- to 10-page proposal describing the project you intend to
complete during the year, your general research interests related to the
topic, and a timeline for completion. Please also include a curriculum
vitae/resume and names, addresses, and telephone numbers of three
professional references, by Feb. 10, 2001, to:

           AAUW Educational Foundation
           Foundation Scholar-in-Residence
           1111 Sixteenth St. N.W.
           Washington, DC 20036

           or contact:


Time Frame

Receipt deadline for proposals: Feb. 10, 2001
Award announced: May, 2001
Award begins:September, 2001

 "Jordan-Meldrum, Janalee" <MELDRUMJ@aauw.org>

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