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From: Monira.Hossain
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 17:48:54 EST

Subject: [EDEQUITY Dialogue] Opening Statement by Monira Hossain
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I apologize for the delay in posting my opening statement.

Science curriculum, Specially at the elementary level is really very
different in the developed and developing worlds. I feel this is important
to widen women's and girls' access to science because of their role as
mothers. We must recognize women's (homemaker's) innate scientific
knowledge [Moderator's note: i.e. think about the role and use of local
knowledge} In some parts of the developing world women are not seen as
having any role in the education of their sons or daughters. For instance,
my household aide has to employ tutors to help her sons do their homework.
How can we work too empower mothers around this issue?

Monira Hossain

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