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From: Linda Purrington (lpurring@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 09:48:50 EST

The following is a Call for Papers for a Women's Studies Conference in
Havana, Cuba, November 12-16, 2001. The travel agency to contact if
interested is: Marazul Tours, Plaza Mall 4100 Park Ave., Weehawk, NJ 07087
phone number: 201-840-6711


The Chair of Women' s Studies of the University of Havana announces the IV
International Scientific Workshop "Women on the Threshold of the XXI
Century" that will take place from the 12th to the 16th of November 2001.

This event will take place under the auspices of the National Direction of
the Cuban Women Federation and has as its more general aim the exchange,
updating and assessment of the academic occupation on the theme and the
working design for the coming years.


To create a theoretical-scientific reflection space regarding gender
dimension, and more important issues concerning women.
To promote a dialog and experience exchange on the subject amongst
specialists of different disciplines.
To make known the results of researches and scientific and practical works
on women's own issues as well as to encourage the continuity and the
development of scientific work on the subject.


All the professionals, specialists and non specialists interested in this
topic on these questions will be able to attend. Your presence in the
workshop is guaranteed by your report.

Scientific Program:

The workshop will be developed in panels, round tables, individual papers,
by commissions, lectures and courses previous to the event.

Commissions and Thematic Lines:

I. Feminist thought: Theory and Methodology.
II. Gender and History
III. Gender and socio-economical development
IV. Gender and environment
V. Gender and Migratory processes
VI. Health and gender
VII. Gender and Feminine subjectivity
VIII. Gender and family
IX. Gender and sexuality
X. Education and gender
XI. Gender studies in art and literature.
XII. Gender and social communication
XIII. Gender and power
XIV. Feminine identity and vital cycle
XV. Gender and violence
XVI. Gender, race, ethnic breed and social class.
XVII. Woman and human rights
XVIII. Science, technology and gender.

The report should be handed in the day of the inscription, one copy on
and one copy on diskette.

The abstract should be send no later than the 24th of July of 2001. It
should have no more than 200 words and should point out: Title, Author(s),

Institution author (s) belong to, Structural form in which the author(s)
want to present the work and Audio-visual means needed.

Courses previous to the workshop:

Courses will take place on November 12 and will be up to 4 hours of maximum
duration. They will deal with the reality of the Cuban woman on the
following subjects:

-Woman and family
-Woman and health
-Current situation of the Cuban woman
-Socio-demographic characteristics of the Cuban Woman.

Costs of registration:

For courses............$20.00 USD
For workshop...........$80.00 USD

For the necessary coordination for your trip and stay in Cuba we suggest
get in touch with :

Lic. Yolanda Cue Gonzalez
Universidad de La Habana
e-mail: eventos@rect.uh.cu
tel :537(704667)
fax : (537)335842

Your application can be sent by mail to:
Dra Norma Vasallo
Catedra de la Mujer
Universidad de La Habana
San Rafael No 1168 esquina Mazon Zona 4 Codigo Postal 10400 Ciudad Habana,
Cuba. Fax: (537) 335774 (537)335960.
E-mail:: cmujer@psico.uh.cu

Registration Voucher



Home address: __________________________________

Phone: ______________________ Fax: _______________
E-mail: _____________________________

Professional information: _____________________

Working center: _______________________________

Address: ______________________________________

Phone: __________________ Fax: __________________
E-mail: _________________________________

Speaker____ Participant: _____ Companion: ____

Title of work: ____________________________________

Passport number: _____________________________
Nationality: ___________________________________

University of Havana
Women's Studies Program
IV International Workshop Women
In The XXI Century
12-16 November 2001


NOTICE FOR JOURNALISTS AND RESEARCHERS: Please ask for written permission
from all direct participants before quoting any material posted on

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