Re: [EDEQUITY Science Dialogue] WEEA Equity Resource Center

Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 11:57:32 EST

This has been an exciting discussion on women in science. I hope that this
discussion has been accessed by long-time subscribers and folks just
joining us recently. We at the WEEA Equity Resource Center would like to
extend a welcome to EdEquity members to utilize our Resource Center for
materials and other resources. We do have a variety of educational
materials for promoting equity in the classroom, such as the Science Equals
Success curriculum and our new Science FAQ packet for those who are joining
the equity community from science classrooms or who are simply interested
in the role that equity has in science. Additionally, we have a
nation-wide network of gender equity experts who act as our Associates, who
are available to consult and provide training in many areas of equity.

We will gladly send you a catalog of our resources, and we also have free
WEEA Digests available for use in conferences and workshops, for teachers'
information, and as a research tool. One of our latest Digests focuses on
science education and careers. It is a wonderful resource for all ages.
Please contact us by phone toll-free at 800-225-3088 or by e-mail at for resources, research, collaborations, and professional
development opportunities.

Rebecca Gondek
Technical Assistance Specialist
WEEA Equity Resource Center
Education Development Center
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02458
Phone: (800) 225 - 3088; Fax: (617) 332 - 4318

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