Re: [EDEQUITY Science Dialogue] Curriculum

Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 12:00:27 EST

The Center for Science Education at EDC has developed a curriculum for high
school biology that perhaps ( we received a lot of feedback during our
pilot studies from girls who said they never liked science before but found
our curriculum totally engaging and they finally felt that they could do
science. In part it may be due to the approach which involves writing,
reading, creative approaches in role playing model building as well as wet
labs. The topics may also provide a hook for girls in areas such as
infectious disease and growth and development. Interestingly most negative
feedback was from boys who were successful in the
memorization/regurgitation mode and found the challenge of deeper thinking
and other approaches to learning such as role playing untenable and "not
real science". It would be worthwhile to be able to investigate the gender
impact on the more innovative, reform based curriculum that is out there.

Jackie Miller, <>

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