[EDEQUITY] Critical issues

From: CFlood@aol.com
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 17:18:18 EST

Responding to Amber:

Among many critical issues in the Title IX and athletics discussion, does
collegiate football and the inordinate amounts of money spent on that sport

at the expense of others ever get factored into your equation? Or is
football simply a "given" around which we must all "play." You have been
asked this question directly on several occasions and have yet to
it, let alone answer. It makes me wonder if the level of "denial" about the

"football factor" is a reflection of our cultural addiction to the
sport...just a thought. For someone who frequently asks for respectful
dialogue in this forum, are you willing to entertain the question? If
is to be a full and meaningful discussion, we cannot let it be the "900
gorilla in the living room" that we choose to ignore or a symptom of the
"monkey on our backs." It is essential that the issue be woven into the
dialogue you seem to be seeking.

Thank you.
Craig Flood

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