[EDEQUITY] Special rights for males

From: Kristen Galles (kgalles@erols.com)
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 17:22:18 EST

Responding to Peggy Weeks comments:

I have an interesting tidbit to add about the legal SPECIAL RIGHTS that
athletes have had by federal law for 40 years. There is a federal law that
bans the NFL from broadcasting Friday night or Saturday afternoon football
games from September through early December. The entire purpose of the law
to PROTECT boys' high school football. The idea behind the law was that if
boys had to compete with the NFL, no one would attend high school football
games, but instead would stay home to watch pro games on TV. So.....boys
only had a 100 year start on opportunities to play, but they also have had
years as a "protected" status. Boys have also fought for years to put the
ban on major league baseball. In other words, they want to ban MLB from
holding Friday night or Saturday afternoon World Series games on TV in
order to
protect boys' football.
No female sport has this benefit. This is an unbelievable federally
special right for boys.
So...The true history shows that boys' football did not have such great fan
support until Congress stepped in to protect it and to ban anyone else from
competing with it. Imagine if Congress did the same thing to ban pro
from televising during a federally sanctioned night for girls' basketball
games!!! I was shocked to learn this while working on one of my recent
cases. In case any of you want to follow up, the law is the "Sports
Broadcasting Act of 1961."

Kristen Galles, kgalles@erols.com

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