[EDEQUITY] Double standard

From: Sabwestvir@aol.com
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 12:54:08 EST

Responding to Dr. Flood comments on Critical Issues:

There seems to be a double standard with regard to the equity issues
discussed here in the last several weeks. In an earlier post, you suggest
that if conservative organizations are concerned with the "war against
they should fund programs themselves to address the needs of boys. If that
the case, why shouldn't women fund female athletics programs? There is a
tremendous amount of resources available. How much money has the Schott
Foundation and the AAUW put into this effort? Women make up the majority
the population and the vast majority of TV viewers. If women's soccer is
on TV, women only have themselves to blame.

There are many aspects to address concerning football. For example does
University ensure that male (football) and female (soccer) players have an
equal graduation rate and receive equivalent degrees? There is a
gender gap in graduation rate for athletes. Have you addressed this issue?

I would be interested in a comparison of the net revenue generated by a
football player and a female soccer player at a major Division I school.
business terms a male football player is a profit center (at the major DI
level), while a female soccer player is a loss center. Who is exploited in

major college athletics?

I would also like to address an earlier discussion about Christina Hoff
Sommers. The unfortunate fact is she is currently the only person really
talking about equity and boys in America. Academic journals and
do not count. That may be unfortunate but it is reality. I have looked at

the reader reviews of her book on Amazon. No one really buys her story
the focus on girls has caused the problems boys face in school today.
However, a significant number of readers believe that these problems have
been addressed by the education establishment. This is not unique to the
"lay" community. I have heard similar frustration from teachers,
researchers, and some members of the equity community. The Ed Dept, NCTE,
and NEA have been silent on the issue of gender and language arts. When
asked to comment on the NAEP gender gap in reading and writing, one senior
NCTE staff member stated that she didn't know a gender gap even existed in
these subjects. The only NCSEE reference to reading and writing in the
two years has been the "Just Girls Book Club." Is the goal of this to
equity, or to increase in-equity?

I first posted to this list about language arts equity issues roughly one
year ago. At that time I received a number of private emails from list
members encouraging me to continue in this area and sharing their personal
experiences. However, the majority were not willing to state their views
a public post. This was despite the fact that they generally worked for
organizations that promote "equity for all." The more I think about this
more troubled I become. If this is truly not a "zero sum game," why did I
get the impression from full-time equity professionals that talking about
boys could be a career ending move?


Stephanie Barlow

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