[EDEQUITY] # athletes & Title IX

From: Amber Valeris DeWine (Your_Honor@mail.findlaw.com.criticalpath.net)
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 11:40:48 EST

  Yes, I agree with all that you say. However it does not address the
topic. The topic is not expenditures. It is about numbers of athletes and
eliminating men's teams for no other reason than to reduce the number of
male athletes to satisfy a proportionality rule. That's it. It has
nothing to do with budgets or expenditures or anything else. It's numbers
of athletes, and that's it.

  I also agree with you that the Title IX legislation is very beneficial.
It is the proportionality rule which is a REGULATION of the Education
Department that is causing the destruction.

Amber V. DeWine

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