[EDEQUITY] Title IX Policy

From: Rigsby,Kathleen (rigsby@cahs.colostate.edu)
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 14:57:59 EST

The policy interpretation on Title IX and intercollegiate athletics was
published Tuesday, December 11, 1979, in the Federal Register, Vol. 44, No.
239. A copy of that is available on line both through the U.S. Department
of Education web site and on www.k12wa.us/equityWAIA/ocrpolic.asp The
policy is still correct on compliance re interest and abilities. The
clarification for intercollegiate athletics is more in-depth than for
interscholastic athletics, as there are more areas that apply to that level
than for 7-12 athletic programs. You might also want to contact Christine
Grant, athletic director at the University of Iowa. The NCAA also
a website with downloadable resources. And your local OCR office is also a
willing source of information and materials.

I work with gender equity for a regional equity center.


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