[EDEQUITY] Title IX and Athletics

From: ssmith@edc.org
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 15:23:33 EST

A number of list members have responded very eloquently to Jessica Gavora's
questions about why they have engaged in discussion--or not--with
anti-Title IX statements made by a particular subscriber. So I won't go
there. But I do have some questions for Ms. Gavora.

I wonder if you are the same person who has been working with the
Independent Women's Forum to repeal Title IX, particularly the
"proportionality test" for athletics? Aren't you the author of "You're in
Trouble Again, Johnny," an anti-Title IX diatribe that denounces the
Clinton Administration for its attempts to increase implementation of the
law, which you label "the White House's latest attempt to punish boys."
(IWF Women's Quarterly, Fall 1998, <www.iwf.org>)

If so, after being a silent observer on the list for so long, as you say, I
think it's interesting that you didn't choose to mention your efforts in
your message. It certainly would have provided a context for your comment,
don't you think?

Susan J. Smith

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