[EDEQUITY] Washington Statewide Nontraditional Conference 2001

From: Amy Kuo-Kealoha (akealoha@edcc.edu)
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 15:44:19 EST

Dear EdEquity Moderator,

I am glad to give you all the information you need about 2001 Washington
Statewide Nontraditional conference held at Triton Union Building 202,
Edmonds Community College (EdCC), WA, on Feb. 5 & 6, 2001. Center for
Washington Nontraditional Training and Employment at EdCC is the host for
this conference. If you also need to know the history and our funding
information, please visit our web site at www.edcc.edu/nontrad/history.htm.
The following information is about this conference.

The 2001 Washington Statewide Nontraditional Conference is now open for
registration. The conference flyer, registration form, questionnaire,
timeframe and titles of workshops are available on our web site
www.edcc.edu/nontrad/events.htm. This conference is for K-14 teaching
staff, counselors, educators, and professionals who want to learn more
strategies on promoting "nontrad" activities.

Our goal for this year's Statewide Nontraditional Project is to increase 1%
(equivalent to 121 students) of female student enrollment in
high wage programs" in the college system (please check our website
www.edcc.edu/nontrad/careers.htm and find out what it means). We also want
to target on four areas that are identified by Governor Locke as needed to
be promoted in our state, i.e., High Tech,
Construction/Mechanic/Engineering, Health service, and Food service (for
Eastern WA). In order to reach the recruitment goal, the Nontrad Advisory
Committee is coordinating the efforts of everyone in this field to make
conference beneficial not only to K-14 staff, instructors, counselors and
administrators, but also for students.

Due to our funding source and the capacity of the facility we are using
time, this conference is not open to students. However, participants will
be able to share with their students the information from materials,
seminars and workshops they will receive in the conference, that will help
them promote students' interests in entering nontraditional high wage

Our title is:
Strategies that Work: Successful Female Recruitment & Retention & Job
Placement in Nontraditional High Wage Programs.
Date: Feb. 5 & 6, 2001
Participating agencies include State Board for Community and Technical
Colleges, Center for Washington Nontraditional Training and Employment at
Edmonds Community College and Community Colleges of Spokane, Office of
Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Advisory Committee from
Bellevue Community College, City of Seattle/Youth Employment Program,
Employment Security Department/Work Source, LaserGrade, L & I, Renton
Technical College, Puget Sound Skills Gap Consortium, and USDOL/Women

After you visit our web site, if you still have questions, please don't
hesitate to call me. Thank you.

Amy Kuo-Kealoha
Center for Washington Non-Traditional Training & Employment
Edmonds Community College
Phone: 425-640-1467
Fax: 425-771-3366
Web site: www.edcc.edu/nontrad
Email: akealoha@edcc.edu

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Dear Amy:

Greetings form EdEquity Listserv. In November you send a to Donna Milgram
about a conference in Washington state. Can you us more details about this
conference and I will be happy to post it on EdEquity. Please remember to
give us the contact person for register.

Thank you.
EdEquity Moderator

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