[EDEQUITY] Seeking E-mentoring templates & advise

From: Donna.Milgram, (dmilgram@iwitts.com)
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 11:46:00 EST

Dear Colleagues:

I am building a new Web site for women in tech occupations and it will have
many interactive features including
an e-mentoring component. I need help with developing the e-mentoring
component. My vision is that it will be relatively unstructured and there
will be self-selection. The primary audience is adults in community college
and women in the workforce.

I don't want to recreate the wheel here so:
1) does anyone know of publicly available software that we could integrate
into our web site that provides the e-mentoring self-selection function or
in lieu of this a programmer who's already done this;
2) if you've done an e-mentoring program would you be willing to entertain
some e-mail questions from me or maybe even a short phone call?
Please respond to donnam@iwitts.com

The obvious resource is mentornet.net but they don't have their software
available for use outside of the company.

Easy to do wrong
I have tested a number of e-mentoring programs on Web sites (I have a 16
year old intern who is a computer science major at a local community
college who served as the protege) and none ended up providing an on-going
one on one e-mentoring relationship as we had envisioned.

Also I did talk with one template web software company but when I checked
their example sites they were clearly not being utilized.

Thanks for your help
Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated and I promise to share what
I find with everyone as I did for the Math/Science Bibliography friendly
for women and minorities which is on our Web site on the WomenTech page.

Happy Holidays.


Donna Milgram
Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science
www.iwitts.com * donnam@iwitts.com
1150 Ballena Blvd, Suite 102
Alameda, CA 94501
510-749-0200 ext. 101 (phone) 510-749-0500 (fax)

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