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Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science (IWITTS)
Donna Milgram, Executive Director
December 14, 2000


School To Work Newsletter
1) All New Clip Art/ Photo Gallery
2) National IWITTS's 10th National Futures:
     Train-the-Trainer Workshop


1) All New Clip Art / Photo Gallery
     *Visit our greatly expanded clip art / photo gallery
       of 100 clip art/ photos of women in traditionally male
       occupations such as Computer Technician,
       Telecommunications, Engineer, Carpenter.

     *Easy to locate images are categorized by occupation
       and can be viewed quickly via our thumbnail gallery.

     *Great resource for recruiting women and girls to
        tech and trade occupations.

     *New images are continuously being added. Bookmark
       our site so you don't miss any.

     Have some clip art or photos you want to contribute?
     E-mail images (400dpi gif or jpg) with copyright
     information to sherryl@iwitts.

     We'd like your feedback on our Gallery. Send comments to


2) National IWITTS's 10th National Futures:
     Train-the-Trainer Workshop
     With a special emphasis on recruiting Women to IT classes
     Thursday & Friday, February 22 & 23, 2001
     San Francisco Bay Area

     Trainer: Donna Milgram, Executive Director
     See our Web site for more information
     - Learn how to recruit women to high-skill, high-wage careers!

     - In-Depth Module on Recruiting Women to IT (Information
       Technology) Occupations. Donna Milgram is leading the Cisco
        Learning Institute's (CLI) Gender Initiative on Recruiting
Women to Cisco Networking Academies

      Learn "How To" Train Teachers & Counselors on:
      * Making girl geeks "Cool" in your school
      * Encouraging female (and male) students to proactively explore
         and click through computer programs and software
      * Helping female students withstand negative peer pressure

      - Both High School and Community College Recruitment and
         Retention Strategies will be covered

      Featuring IWITTS's newly developed, attractive 62-slide
      PowerPoint Presentation (
      that links to the Futures Video and Workbook ( Packed full of
      recruitment and retention strategies for both high schools and


      "This class and the supporting materials really brought home for
me the importance of this issue and gave very real, practical,
easy-to-use options and solutions to the hurdles one encounters in
educating and inspiring young women to pursue meaningful careers. We've
incorporated the training in our School-to-Career staff
development classes and feel it is an essential piece of the entire
        -Debra Schluter, School-to-Career Coordinator
         Aurora Public Schools, Aurora, Colorado

       For registration and hotel information visit our Web site at
       The registration for the Train-the-Trainer Workshop is at


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