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This review is passed along from the ENC Online newsletter.
She Does Math!
Marla Parker, editor

Reviewed by Judy Spicer, ENC Mathematics Education Abstractor

She Does Math! is written for high school and college students who enjoy
math and want to know more about potential career paths. It can also answer
the question often asked by other students: When am I ever going to use
this? The 253-page book presents personal career histories written by 38
professional women. The reader learns how mathematics plays a critical
role in careers ranging from environmental psychology to dietetics to
engineering. Each history describes how much math the author took in high
school and college; how she chose her field of study; and how she ended up
in her current job. Each woman presents several mathematics problems
typical of those she has to solve on the job. She Does Math! encourages
students to
take math every year in high school and to encourage high school and
college students, especially women and minorities, to consider technical
when planning their careers.

For example, an ophthalmologist explains that in her school days she liked
to read mysteries and was fascinated by the precision in physics and
These interests lead her to a career in medicine and to researching how the
eyes are used together to achieve three-dimensional vision. The related
problems use mathematics to investigate double vision, determining when
reading glasses are needed, and the use of eye drops. Solutions to all
problems are given.

Vendor Information:
Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
PO Box 91112
Washington DC 20090
(301) 617-7800
(800) 331-1622
Fax: (301) 206-9789
ISBN Order # 0-88385-702-2
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$30.95 0-88385-702-2

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