RE: [EDEQUITY] Failing at Fairness, AAUW

From: Kelly Clark (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 15:38:22 EST

What I find to be the most fascinating information in the book is its
historical look at women/girls involvement in the American educational
system. Simply fascinating!

Kelly Clark
SUNY Geneseo

Neysa Picklum wrote:

For those looking for Failing at Fairness, you might ask your local AAUW
branch -- they may have a copy or they may be able to get it from their
state officers. When it was first out, AAUW made it available to each
state. I was the Equity chair at the time and mailed it out for use by
We finally lost ours when someone failed to return it but it was very much
used because it did a good job of explaining how girls really were
"shortchanged" in the classroom.

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