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> The list has been receiving several messages requesting information about
> products, services, etc. Please remember to send these messages privately. An
> excerpt from the user's guide follows.
when the contents of your message
are likely to be of interest to a number of subscribers.

I am one of the people who has requested info. about products --
in truth, I thought that this info (re: computer graphics that are gender
and racially equitable and sensitive) WOULD be of interest to others --
many of us in our professional roles, publish flyers, brochures,
announcements, and newsletters -- no matter what we write, a picture is
worth more than a thousand words, if the picture is contradictory to the
words we write.
Similarly, I asked a few months ago about a particular equity pin I'd
seen someone wearing. The replies I got led me to the right source and I
bought 3 pins -- wear one myself and gave 2 as gifts. My friends who
wear the pin and I have received many comments and questions -- leading
us to engage in conversation about equity issues with folks who might not
have enough interest in or access to this newsgroup, or other materials.

We in the group, are the choir - so to speak -- we are already interested
in equity issues -- but part of our work is to reach out to others and
bring the topic into the mainstream.

If I am grossly out of line with this line of thinking, then I do
apologize, but I maintain that when we have resources and tools that are
helpful to us, we should share them. We have shared info. about books
and articles group wide. They too are products, of interest to some, but
maybe not to all, but they ARE related to beliefs and responsiblities
that many of share -- in our personal and professional lives.

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