Re: Educational brainstorming

C123S105L (
Tue, 19 May 1998 19:52:16 EDT

What has kept men out of primary education is mainly societal and cultural
traditions. The care of children has always been in the hands of
women/mothers. Historically the schooling of young children was an extension
of ''the home'' in where women continued the educational nurturing of
children. In the past when we have become frustrated with the unwillingness
of some teachers to show some serious academic commitments towards ''academic
quality'' my husband has said that part of the problem is that they act like
a bunch of ''school moms'' instead of responsible women teaching children
because all they seem to be concerned with is with ''babysitting'' children
instead of instructing them. He calls the male teachers at our school who are
very few(maybe 5) school its not a sexist statement. It's
used only to illustrate an attitude.

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