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marie De Santis (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 23:57:48 PDT

Ted, Ted, Ted, Ted, Ted,

You miss the point entirely. Even if female part timers make the same as
male part timers, the part time work factor disadvantages women more
than men because there are so many more women part timers than men part
timers. Get it?

Ergo, the REAL annual income gap between men and women is much greater
than that which is quoted in the press, because that press figure is
always based on a comparison of full time workers only. Get it?

In fact, the REAL, REAL income gap is even greater if you also factor
in, as it should be factored in, the big fat zero women get paid for
child care, housekeeping and mopping the floors you men walk on.

Ted, I know you would like to prove that women are not an oppressed
class so that you can feel justified and righteous in the monumental
priveleges you enjoy, but throwing random numbers at the wall, trying
to make them stick, ain't going to make it so.


Ted wrote,
>Part time men earning less than part-time women.
>This data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Every year
>they publish these tables and every year we see stories focusing
>on the ratio of wages of full-time women to full-time men. Never
>do the newspapers publish the ratio of wages of part-time women
>to part-time men.
>Part time men earn 91 cents on the dollar that part time women earn.
>The source of this statistic is
>this is the same place the full-time statistic comes from
>> > WASHINGTON -- The strong economy and an increase in the
>> minimum wage
>> >have helped narrow the wage gap between the sexes by about 3
>> cents on
>> the dollar
>> >since last spring, the Clinton Administration has reported.
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