Re: Dialogue on Sexual Harassment

Tue, 02 Feb 1999 11:34:30 -0600

I'll be out of the office for most of the dialogue- drat. Never fear, I'll read
everything wi/ great interest. I've worked for years with students on this

The best quote I have came from a very quiet male student (a
junior in high school) who turned to one of his classmates who was
railing about the parameters governing appropraite behavior in school as
too restrictive. This quiet student listened very carefully to our spirited
(not abusive) dialogue among many students about this and said, to the most
vocal fellow student, "What makes you think that we come to
school to see this stuff, anyway? We're here to learn, not to lock lips in
the hall. Get a life." He said it quietly, but with great passion. Given
half a chance, it's the kids who will keep us on track! :-)

Peggy Weeks

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