Addressing Accessibility in Mathematics
three middle-school aged children
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Announcing a NEW Project:

Strengthening Mathematics

Intervention in the Middle Grades


The Addressing Accessibility in Mathematics group at EDC has recently received funding from the National Science Foundation to create a new PD program and resources for teachers who provide mathematics intervention and support in the middle grades. The Strengthening Mathematics Intervention (SMI) project builds on our extensive work over the past 16 years to create innovative PD programs to help districts improve mathematics learning for struggling learners with and without disabilities.

In Phase 1 of the project, we are studying how schools across the nation provide instruction and support to students who are struggling with mathematics in the middle grades. To gather information, we are conducting interviews with school/district math leaders and teachers, observing classes, and conducting a survey of a nationally representative sample of U.S. schools. Over 2,000 public schools will be asked to complete the National Survey on Supporting Struggling Math Learners. In Phase 2, we will widely disseminate the study findings and also use them to create professional development and resources for teachers.



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