Addressing Accessibility in Mathematics
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Welcome to Addressing Accessibility in Mathematics (AAM)! For 15 years, we have created and delivered professional development programs to help districts improve math learning and outcomes for struggling students, with and without disabilities. Our PD programs draw upon the same proven model: we bring general and special educators together to learn new strategies that ensure each student receives the support he or she needs to excel in math. With the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, this model is more important than ever before.

Our current project is called Differentiated Professional Development: Building Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching Struggling Students (DPD). The goals are to help teachers build mathematics knowledge, diagnostic approaches, and instructional strategies for teaching key number concepts to struggling learners (with or without identified disabilities). Our three DPD programs focus on the Common Core State Standards for fractions, decimals and positive/negative numbers. The target audience is math teachers/general educators and special educators in grades 4-7. Using a blended model (face-to-face workshops and online sessions), the programs differentiate professional learning to address teachers' wide range of content knowledge, experiences and interests.

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