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Team Meeting Materials: Recording Your Ideas

Recording your work and reflecting on your ideas is an essential element of the lesson study cycle. In order to help teams do this more effectively, the Lesson Study Communities project has created the following tools.

Team meeting log (pdf)
This log asks teams to describe the agenda going into their meeting, to detail what they accomplished at the end and to reflect on the highlights of the discussion. This log also asks teams to plan their next steps to insure continuity between meetings.

Coach’s Meeting Log (pdf)
Some teams have a coach attend meetings in order to provide support as they learn how to conduct their own lesson study meetings. This Meeting Log asks the coach to record what the group is doing, to note issues of concern for the future, and to reflect on the group’s progress toward the essential elements of lesson study.

Lesson Study Checklist with Reflection Questions (pdf)
This checklist breaks down the 4 general categories of the lesson study process into smaller steps and offers reflection questions for individuals or teams to answer as they complete critical phases of the lesson study cycle. Some teams use this document to keep track of where they are in the lesson study cycle.

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