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Resources for the Trains Problem


If you want to work with actual rods, Cuisenaire rods are a nice choice. The 1-rod is a cube, and the other rods (lengths 2-10) have the same width and height, and integer lengths. You can order them from Cuisenaire/ETA. Their web site is http://www.cuisenaire.com/.

Combinations and Permutations

Education Development Center, Inc., Mathematical Methods in High School, (in preparation http://www.edc.org/LTT/M2HS/, for more information contact Helen Lebowitz at hlebowitz@edc.org).

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Andrews, G.E., Number Theory, Dover Publishing, 1994. Chapters 12-14.

You can download a beautiful paper on partitions by Herbert Wilf as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file: http://www.math.upenn.edu/~wilf/PIMS/PIMSLectures.pdf.

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