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From 1999 until its completion in 2002, the Making Mathematics Staff included:

 Al Cuoco, Project Director, alcuoco@edc.org
Michelle Manes, Project Director (1999-2001)
Terry Dash, Project Director (2001-2002), tdash@edc.org
Josh Abrams, jabrams@edc.org
Nancy Antontellis, nantonellis@edc.org
Tom Banchoff, tfb@cs.brown.edu
Jean Benson, jbenson@edc.org
Catherine Capuzzi
Lisa Honeyman, lhoneyman@edc.org
Sara Kennedy
Kenneth Levasseur
Nina Shteingold, nshteingold@edc.org

Translations of mathematical formulas for web display were created by tex4ht.

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