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Mathematics Projects

We list five types of mathematics project resources:

Research Projects: structured projects with full support materials.

Research Settings:
starting points for developing your own research projects.

Teacher Handbook:
advice and activities for approaching mathematical research projects.

Mathematics Tools:
important but often-neglected content in mathematics curricula.

Completed Student Work:
projects completed by our participants


Support for Students

Advice and resources for students getting started in mathematics research.

One Student’s Story

Dan McGuinn’s Story

Eric Landquist’s Story

Support for Teachers

Advice and resources for teachers getting started in mathematics research.

Teacher Handbook

Support for Mentors

Advice and resources for mentors getting started in mathematics research.

Mentor Handbook

Support for Parents

Advice and resources for parents whose children are getting started in mathematics research.

Privacy Policy

Hard Math Café

A place for the Making Mathematics community to converse about topics related to mathematics research and teaching.

Supporting Sections


Home page of Making Mathematics.

Mentor Story

Simplex Lock

Marion Walter’s Theorem

Pascal’s Triangle

Raw Recruits

Privacy Policy

About Our Project

About Our Project describes the goals of Making Mathematics and the special experience we believe students can achieve by engaging in mathematical research.

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Contact Us

Contact Us lists the staff who worked on Making Mathematics.

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