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WEEA Center Celebrates
30th Anniversary of Title IX

In May 2002, the WEEA Center began a year-long series of activities to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the landmark law that prohibits sex discrimination in any educational institution that receives federal financial assistance. The first activity, a brown bag discussion held on May 15 at Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), in Newton, Massachusetts, focused on what Title IX is, addressed some of the myths about the law, and provided examples of how some schools are addressing key equity issues today. Panelists included Victoria Alzapiedi, Executive Director, Title IX Advocacy Project; Marianne Castano, Research and Development Associate, Gender Healthy/Respectful Schools Project; and the WEEA Center's Director of Technical Assistance Terri Boyer Tillbrook and Director of Communications Susan J. Smith.

The brown bag discussion preceded a special two-week, online Dialogue with the Experts, held May 20-31, which focused on the significance of Title IX and how the field of gender equity in education has evolved in the past 30 years. The panel featured nine distinguished experts in the field who generated a lively discussion among the 850 subscribers to the EdEquity electronic discussion list. Click here to read the highlights from this discussion.

In July, the WEEA Center hosted a reception for four former directors of the WEEA Center—all currently high-level managers at EDC: Janet Whitla, EDC president; Cheryl Vince-Whitman, EDC senior vice-president; Vivian Guilfoy, EDC senior vice-president; and Katherine Hanson, director of the Gender and Diversities Institute (GDI) at EDC. During the reception, which attracted over 70 guests, the former directors shared their reflections on their tenure as director of the WEEA Center. Many of the 70 guests commented that the gathering was inspiring, informative, and fun.

In August, gender and disability issues were the focus of the celebration. On August 13 we held a book signing for Gender Matters with co-author Harilyn Rousso. This new publication is one of the few resources specifically designed to enable special educators and others working with students with disabilities to understand their legal responsibilities under Title IX and to provide gender equitable education. For a summary of this event click here.

Ms. Rousso also participated in an EdEquity dialogue on gender and disability, held August 20-24, which featured a panel of other well-respected experts in the field.

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WEEA Center Celebrates 30th Anniversary
of Title IX

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