African Americans in Education Conference

Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 15:57:29 EDT

The 4th Annual African Americans in Education Conference will be held
October 14-16th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Keynote speakers will be Dr. Rudolph Crew, Chancellor of New York City
Public School System; Dr. Claude Steele, Chair, Psychology Dept, Stanford
University; Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, Author/Professor, University of
Wisconsin-Madison; Dr. Nancy Zimpher, Chancellor, University of Wisconsin

Friday evening banquet speaker will be Bill Campbell, Mayor of Atlanta.
Registration fees: $150 until September 15th; $200 after September 15th.

Interest sessions include: School-community partnerships; Effective
teaching strategies for students of color; psychology of race and
ethnicity; parental involvement in student academic achievement; the role
of health and health policies on student achievement; curriculum design
for urban schools; the church's role in education; bussing vs neighborhood
schools; desegreation vs resegregation.......

Please visit the web site at

or contact Kelby Spann at (414) 229-6042 or Lynette Young-Johnson at (414)

Hotel information: Hyatt Regency Milwaukee. (414) 276-1234
Joan M. Prince, Ph.D. (candidate)
The University of Wisconsin Medical School
Health Professions Partnership Initiative
945 North 12th Street, P. O. Box 342
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0342
(414) 219-7720
(414) 219-6078 fax

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Susan Carter

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