Re 5: Empowering the girl-child

Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 17:28:07 EST

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    I'd add one thought that also stacks up -- girls grow up in a world where
    the worst thing a boy can be is like a girl, do girl work, etc. This is as
    scary as name calling and as complex as occupational "choice"

    So, for example: males may feel they get many messages not to participate
    in a traditionally "female" occupation like child care (and this is the
    wrong message to give them). And a major part of that message is that this
    is "women's work". But girls hear the message too, that this occupation IS
    right for them and okay to sacrifice pay/prestige etc. because they are
    female. How do women value the work when the message is that it is too
    inferior for half the population to be doing. (FOR THE RECORD: I teach
    ECE and value it a lot, but see this conflict on a regular basis).
    Barbara K. O'Donnel

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