Re: Title IX softball case

Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 16:24:34 EDT

Rather than take up space here, I suggest that those interested in the
Brown and Neal cases read the pleadings - and the decisons themselves. As
to Mary O'Shea's comment, how many generations of students do we wait to
bring equity into the pictue? Mary is merely answering the old argument
that more time is needed. The Title IX regs in question were effective in
the 1970's. For heaven's sake, it's 2000. That old argument reminds me
of the Brown v. Topeka Board of Ed case where the justices required that
the school district proceed with "all due speed." We all know how that
turned out... Further, these cases are 14th Amendment equal opportunity
cases and go beyonf Title IX and into Constitutional law. Read them,
Amber, with that "set" and you will see what is really at stake. I repeat-
What is good for the goose is good for the gander. As to pointing out
where girls have been denied opportunities, I can easily cite examples from
my state. The schools, when challenged, did the right thing, but it took
the threat of legal action to get them to move. That's a sad state of
events. Why drive folks to court to assert their rights? In case after
case here, the school administrators have said that, although painful, they
were glad that the cases were brought because it made them do the right
thing. It's almost as if Title IX is being used as an excuse by schools to
do what they should have done all along and did not have the political
courage to do it themselves. Peggy Weeks <>

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