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Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 10:38:31 EDT

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>I don't understand you Amber....

  Hehe..that's ok! Neither do my parents or my Literature professor! No
seriously, I don't understand the majority of people on this group (I
understand some more than others) but I still have fun here!

>what is there to educate men and boys about their rights?
> the writers of the constitution were all men, the ones that continue to
write and execute laws are > > all men also, therefore the whole system is
set up to insure and protect those laws at the expense > > of women and

  Are you sure this is the case today? It is true that the people who
write laws (Congress and state legislatures) are MOSTLY men, and court
benches are sat on by MOSTLY male judges, but consider the CONTENT of what
is being passed and executed rather than WHO is doing it.

  Content-wise, it seems as if females have complete control over
governance in America (to a larger extent in Canada, but I only concern
myself with the USA for now). There is a Violence Against Women Act, with
no corresponding Violence Against Men Act. There is a Women's Educational
Equity Act with no corresponding Men's Educational Equity Act even after
through the work of Kleinfeld and Pollack and others the need has clearly
been shown. There is widespread prejudice against fathers in child custody
cases; there are Shelters for Abused Women with no corresponding Shelters
for Abused Men even when the need is as plain as the nose on my face (and
that's pretty plain!).

I see courts commanding the elimination of boys' sports teams to satisfy a
gender equity in education statute, but I look out my dorm window to my
University's wonderfully misandrist Women's Center. I have asked every
faculty member and administrator I could meet on campus where the Men's
Center is, but in all these semesters I've been here I haven't found it
yet. I look through the University's course catalog and see page after
page of Women's Studies courses; I guess the printer forgot to print the
pages of Men's Studies courses. I see Exclude Your Sons Day.
I think the mistake in logic that you're making here is to assume that
since men are the majority of lawmakers, the laws that are passed must be
pro-male. You have to consider also that women are the majority voters.
We are the people who PUT these men in office. These men are also
politicians, constrained by political correctness which is in large part
dictated by the feminist leadership. Just because they're male does not
mean they'll pass and enforce laws that benefit males.

Let me ask you some questions to show you where I'm coming from here:

1. Did you know that 75% of homicide victims are male and that men are
150% more likely than women to be assaulted?

2. Did you know that in this country only men are required to register for
the draft...and that this can mean forcing men into the most violent combat
situations imaginable? That women politicians, themselves immune to the
draft, have the power to send our boys off to war?

3. Did you know that the average boy in this country is removed from his
mother at birth, strapped to a board and the most erogenous part of his
penis is amputated with no valid medical reason, and that this virtually
unquestioned genital mutilation is paid for by Medicaid in most states?

4. Did you know that the most likely potential victim of rape (other than
a baby undergoing circumcision, which I view as a form of child rape) is a
young man in prison? Or that, while race discrimination puts 8 times as
many blacks in prison as whites, sex discrimination puts 24 times as many
men in prison as women? (I admit these are numbers of result and need
further scrutiny before they can be judged a matter of discrimination)

5. Did you know that 19 of 20 people killed on the job are men? (Talk
about sexual harassment...)

6. Did you know that a blow to the groin (which I view as another form of
sexual battery, if not rape) is a guaranteed formula for laughter in the
entertainment long as the groin belongs to a man? That with
the exception of horror films almost all of the on-screen victims of
violence are men?

  Isn't it ironic to note along that line that boys are taught never to hit
a girl for any reason, but girls are taught if a boy so much as annoys her
she has the unquestioned right to sexually abuse (and possibly even KILL)
him? If that is acceptable, then would it be equally as acceptable to
teach boys that if a girl doesn't want to have sex with him then he can
just rape her, and teach girls they must never defend themselves against
the rapist? I think it was another member of this group who pointed out
"What's good for the goose is good for the gander."

  Did you also know that men in dating and domestic relationships are
equally as likely as women are to be abused by their partners? And that
recent University studies report that college men are equally as likely as
women to report being the victim of unwanted sexual coercion? Yet millions
of dollars go to Shelters for Abused Women and programs to "educate" young
boys about how "all men are rapists and that's all they are" (direct quote
from Marilyn French). No wonder boys grow up with self esteem issues.

  These are the things I suggest that boys and girls alike should learn
about, and after the government gives boys rights, they should be educated
about those rights and learn to stand up for them. I hope I helped you
better understand! I'm curious to know what rights you perceive boys in
school and in society as having. If I can do anything else to help, please
let me know!


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