Re: [EDEQUITY] Girls Achievement in Math, Science and Technology

From: Liz Homer (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 16:36:34 EDT

First of all, if I were doing it, I would have a program for both boys
and girls.
I would do extra recruiting as necessary to assure that both boys and
and their parents attended and to ensure diversity. Then I would make one
pitch in front of the whole group. I would have actual instructors do the
talking so the girls, especially, can hear and see that the instructors
them in their classes. I think the boys and the parents need to hear that
both the girls and the boys are wanted and needed in math, science and
technology classes and careers.
    Maybe I'd do some "buzz group" type sessions to strategize some aspect
of the curriculum or program (i.e., how parents can encourage students to
take these courses - half the room strategize how to encourage girls and
half how to encourage boys, then process the information to see how the
groups' ideas compare.) It's an excuse for getting people to meet each
other and to set an informal tone. Try to build a sense of community and
mutual support so that when students enroll they won't feel so alone.
    Just some ideas........Liz Homer

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