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>The hardest thing about the
>work now is that we're down to changing attitudes and that's not quite as
>easy as changing pictures in a brochure.


Here's a comment that may just get some discussion going. ;-)

Do you really feel you have the *right* to change attitudes? I'm not sure
that's our job. We can specify how we want teachers -- actually any
employee -- to act. That's what the laws say. But do we have the right to
specify what they believe? Actually, do we care? Thought I'd like
everyone to agee with my belief system at one level, I think it might get
to be somewhat boring. What I _do_ care about is how people *act*.

I think we have every right to specify behavior, and to *punish* employees
for misbehavior (or erronious behavior).

In the situation of that brochure -- the responsibility of the author would
be to produce a recruitment brochure that conveys an open program and *in
no way* communicates that the program is not open to all. If they do that,
I shouldn't care if they like it or believe in it, as long as they do it!

You may argue that if they don't beleive in it then they will discriminate.
But, that's the previously defined *misbehavior* that _will_ be punished.
(If anyone is willing to take it that far.)

So, where is everyone else on this notion?


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