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Sharon O. Hoff (
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 21:48:12 -0700

Prop. 209 was indeed blocked by a federal court in San Francisco, pending
further review of its constitutionality. A lawsuit was filed the day after
the election by the ACLU and several other organizations that argued 209
was unconstitutional for various reasons, one being that it violates equal
protection under the 14th Amendment. UC Berkeley was also barred from
terminating affirmative action programs at its campuses (a policy which was
decided on by the UC Regents prior to 209's passage). This action was
necessary because the UC System is an entity unto itself, which operates
independent of the State.

>I had recently read an article in the Buffalo News that Prop. has been
>blocked by a judge in the circuit court. Do you have any information on
>Candace A. Isherwood


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