Re: Ed equity web sites?

Pfleming (
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 16:27:27 -0400

The WEEA website <> is just what you're looking for. In
addition to easy access to EdEquity, you'll find everything you need there, from
interesting statistics, to fascinating women, to practical tools and curricula
for gender-fair classrooms. We also have lots of links to other useful and
interesting pages. Don't forget we also offer free technical assistance for
educational equity from pre-k through post-secondary, so if you don't find what
you need on the website you can call us at 800-225-3088 or TTY:800-354-6798.
Get in touch soon. We'd love to hear from you!

Paula Fleming
WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC
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Subject: Ed equity web sites?
Author: at Internet
Date: 6/17/98 2:21 PM

I've been surfing the web looking for a comprehensive/"clearinghouse" type of
web site on the topic of gender equity in education....

C. Mesh

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