Addressing Accessibility in Mathematics
three middle-school aged children
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Fraction Concepts & Operations: PD Videos for Teachers


Video screenshotOur project created a collection of videos to help teachers provide effective instruction and support for students with mathematics difficulties. These six videos demonstrate strong approaches for helping students build understanding of critical fraction concepts and operations. The number line videos describe common difficulties with representing fractions on the number line. The fraction multiplication and division videos demonstrate models that use visual representations to build students' conceptual understanding of the operations. The featured strategies are applicable for intervention classes and core mathematics classes.

Menu of Fraction Videos

  1. Locating Fractions on a Number Line: Student Difficulties and Misconceptions
  2. Using Words and Visuals to Model Fraction Multiplication
  3. Using an Area Model for Fraction Multiplication
  4. Making Sense of Fraction Division
  5. Using Words to Describe Division
Note: In Video 2, the cloud model is from Cramer, K., Wyberg, T., & Leavitt, S. (2009) Rational Number Project: Fraction Operations & Initial Decimal Ideas.