Addressing Accessibility in Mathematics
three middle-school aged children
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Integer Operations: PD Videos for Teachers


Video screenshotOur project created a collection of videos to help teachers provide effective instruction and support for students with mathematics difficulties. The six videos below focus on high-priority integer content that tends to be challenging for students in the middle grades. Common difficulties include confusion about the rules for integer operations, mixing up the rules, and applying the rules incorrectly. These videos demonstrate ways to use concrete materials, two-sided chips, and the number line representation to help students make sense of, represent, and perform integer operations.

Menu of Integer Videos

  1. Using Two-Colored Counters (Chips) to Model Integer Addition
  2. Using Two-Colored Counters (Chips) to Model Integer Subtraction
  3. Integer Addition: Looking for Patterns
  4. Integer Addition: Using the Number Line and Vectors
  5. Integer Subtraction: Using the Number Line and Vectors
  6. Integer Chip Model and Multiplication
  7. Using the Number Line for Integer Multiplication
  8. Integer Chip Model and Division
  9. Using the Number Line Model for Integer Division