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Warm Ups for the
Game of Set Problem

A good warm up activity is to spend some time playing the game. As you play, reflect on your strategies and the situations that arise and write down questions that come to mind. One of your questions might become a good starting point for your research project.


Possible questions:

  1. Which Sets are easier to find, and which ones are harder to find?
  2. What are possible strategies of looking for Sets?
  3. If you come across a round of 12 cards that you believe does NOT have a Set, how would you prove it?

Other initial questions involve analyzing the deck of Set:

  1. How many cards are there in the deck?
  2. If you have two cards, how many Sets can be made by adding a third card?
  3. How many Sets is each card a member of?
  4. How many different Sets are there in the whole deck?
  5. If you deal 10 cards from the deck, can you be sure that there will be at least 1 Set among them?

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