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Marion Walter 
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Resources for Marion Walter's Theorem

Just in case you're not a whiz at using dynamic geometery software here are some files for the most common programs that let you generate figures like Figure 2.

  • Geometer's Sketchpad
  • Cabri
  • TI-92
    • Instructions:
      • Save "walter.92a" on your computer
      • Connect your TI-92 to your computer
      • Open TI-Graph Link 92
      • Select "TI-92..." from the Connection menu
      • Select "Add" from the File Menu, find "walter.92a" in the dialog box and click on Open.
      You should now be able to open a figure called "marion" in the geometry application of your TI-92.

    Marion Walter's Theorem has been the subject of a long discussion that has taken place in the pages of Mathematics Teacher.  Here are some of the articles that have appeared

    - February 1992 Cover by Will Johnston, about the cover p 89 and activity p 92.
    - October 1992 , Reader Reflection , pp 597-98, "Unit Fractional Divisions", Warkentin
    - March 1993 , Reader Reflection, p 192 ,"Drop the Restriction", Kennedy, response from Johnston
    - May 1993, Reader Reflection,  pp 422-23, "Unit fractional divisions Extended", Ballew
    - November 1993, Reader Reflection,  p 619, "Marion's Theorem", Cuoco, Goldenberg and Mark, Kennedy response
    - December 1993, Reader Reflection,  pp 782-783,  "Irregular is OK", Shilgalis, Ballew response
    - September 1994, Reader Reflection,  pp 480, 482, "A Classic Problem",  Zerger
    - December 1994, Reader Reflection, p 726, 743,"No Restriction Needed", Ryan Morgan, Cuoco response
    - May 1996  pp 420-423 Watanabe, Hanson and Nowosielski

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