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Warm Ups for the Simplex Lock Problem

You can use rods of integer sizes to build "trains" that all share a common length. A "train of length 5" is a row of rods whose combined length is 5.

1+2+2, 2+1+2, 1+3+1, 1+4, 5

Notice that the 1-2-2 train and the 2-1-2 train contain the same rods but are listed separately. If you use identical rods in a different order, this is a separate train.

  • How many trains of length 5 are there?

  • Of length 20?

  • Of length n? (Assume you have rods of every possible integer length available.)

You can find additional hints, results, and other resources for this warm up problem in Trains. Trains makes a good warm up for the Simplex Lock project.

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